b. 1986, HK.


Ben Beres is a Seattle-based artist who has been printmaking for the past two decades, with a focus on creating detailed works through the process of etching on copper. Over the years his practice has expanded to include work in the as yet-experimental arena of vitreography (printing with glass plates), etching on glass, and public engagement through performance. He teaches printmaking at Cornish College of the Arts and vitreography at Pilchuck Glass School.

Beres is also one third of SuttonBeresCuller, a conceptual art trio that has produced sculpture, performance, and public art for the past 20 years. He is represented by Davidson Galleries and Pilchuck Gallery in Seattle, Washington. SuttonBeresCuller is represented by Greg Kucera Gallery.


“For me printmaking is a private, secret joy. It is mine. It is special, it is the work I get to do on my own, my own world, where I create layers and layers of meaning by slamming as much as I can onto a plate. Words become pattern, images dissipate into fields of color and texture. A shark next to a peanut next to a number next to a spider mean something new, something different. Words you cant quite read slip into markings and ornamentation. Printmaking is a release. A stream. This outpouring helps me find new and interesting ways of looking at the world around me. I love the magic of drawing for hours, to pull the paper off of the plate, to sit and stare at the new little world I have created.” —Ben Beres